Early Settlement:- First settlement of the village was pioneered by two Varsani brothers, Velji Bapa and Manji Bapa in the year 1758. Pindoria, Gami, Hirani, Bhanderi, Kerai Bhudia, Halai and Siyani families gradually joined in and strengthened the community. Samatra is one of the twenty four main villages of Leva Patels in Kutch situated at 12 miles (19km) west of Bhuj on the main state Highway to Narayan Sarovar - Tirth Dhaam. It is located on one bieg hill and its surrounding slopes making it natural and attractive and unique among other villages. Its total population is around 2400 of which 1400 are Leva Patels. Coincidentally, around 1400 people live abroad mainly in the U.K., Kenya and in the Middle East countries.
Shree Swaminarayan Temple

There are two new Swaminarayan Temples for men and women , four Mahadev Mandirs, two Hanuman Mandirs. There are five Chhatedis at Saat-Koshi, Bhagatni- Vaadi, bus station and ujaani Talao which Lord Swaminarayan visited during his seven days stay in Samatra. The Lord regularly went to bathe in Ujaani Talao which after extensive development programme and tree plantations has now became a beautiful lake and a place of pilgrimage.


There are around 125 children in nursery school.

Primary School

A new primary school and a nursery school buildings were built with the help of overseas Samatra community. There are around 450 children in the primary school. This school organized and hosted Kutch District Science exhibition in the year 1990.

Shree Samatra Leva Patel Samaj

A modern big community centre was opened in 1991. Ground floor consists of an open plan dining hall for 2000 people with kitchen and storage facilities. On first floor facilities are provided for a multi-purpose sports & social hall complete with a huge stage, dressing rooms and a overflow terrace. There are office and computer rooms for children on first floor. In the front compound well laid walkways, grass lawns, flower beds and tree lined boundary provide a welcome atmosphere.

Free fodder is provided to all cows of the village and its neighbouring areas during drought periods. A special committee looks after the management of procuring, storage and distribution of the fodder in the village bhathaan.
Shree Water Supply Samatra
Samatra is the village of our community to provide running water to every household 24 hours a day. Water table surrounding Samatra provide villages of Fotdi, Manukwa, Bharasar and even Sukhpur-Bhuj.
Umrasar Tadav

Slowly but surely, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of storing rain water in underground river beds. Samatra is lucky to have Vamasar Talao which sips in all its water 3 months, storing its water underground. Adjacent to its Ujaani Talao which stores water over ground for up to 3 years for cattle and wild life.

There are other talaos like Zoliari, Naani Talao and Thaawar -wari around Samatra. Vaaghrai - check dam was recently built in the west to serve the deprived wild life of the area. Streams from the surrounding hills are diverted into the catchment area and the straight into the wells through pipelines to bring the water table level up and sustain the water supply.

This is a beginning and much needs to be done, using these techniques for all our villages. Godpar, Meghpar, Naranpar, Kera, Baladia have joined the league and taken the lead. Other villages must follow the example for it is in our own interest to improve and enrich the ecology and general environment we live in.